Peccary Leather Alpaca Gloves with Alpaca Lining - Women

Elegant genuine peccary leather gloves, with alpaca lining.

Peccary leather has always been recognized as the finest material for use in glovemaking. For the motor-car and aeroplane pioneers of the past, the peccary glove has always been preferred due to its unique qualities. Peccary leather is extremely durable, yet soft as silk. It provides excellent finger mobility and its characteristics allow for humidity to escape while capturing the warmth. Peccary has a fine texture immediately recognizable to leather enthusiasts, with its tiny pores, three to four in each group. A peccary glove is a lifetime purchase and often becomes a family heirloom.


 The Peccary

 The Peccary, also known as the Javelina is a rarely seen mammal which might remind you of a medium sized pig or wildebeest. Found in South America, particulary in  the Amazon, the omnivorous Peccary eats roots, prickly pear cactus, garden flowers and when around people, garbage. In spite of their bristly pelts and razor-sharp  teeth, javelinas are quiet and family oriented animals and are very tolerant of their frisky piglings. (Credits: Javelinas by Lauray Yule)

 The local peoples of the Amazon have lived from the meat and leather of the Peccary since time immemorial. This balance remains in place to this day. The  manufacturer of these gloves is an official representative to the native communities to acquire the Peccary leather. The process provides economic benefit to the local  people while adhering to strictest international norms of conservation to protect this invaluable species.



Size: Medium and Large

Take Your Gloves Measurement

If you are not sure about your glove size. Using a tailors tape measure, measure the hand you normally write with around the palm at its widest point directly below your knuckles (make a loose fist / excluding the thumb), then round up to the nearest half or whole number - this will be your glove size. If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size for a tight fit or the larger size for a loose fit.

Sizing Charts

Colors: Black and Brown

Materials: 100% Peccary Leather with 100% Alpaca Lining

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Price: 195.95

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