All-American Flour Sifter (5-Cup)
Jacob Bromwell� held the patents to the world's first flour sifter, and today we're making that same sifter in the original style. Sift up to 5 cups of flour in a design that remains true to the original. Our secret is the uniquely-designed 4-wire stainless steel agitator. Each wire smoothly sweeps the screen below it, creating the smoothest flour possible for a consistent measure every time. Our flour sifters are both hand and machine crafted from stainless steel - and then hand polished to a shiny mirror finish - ensuring perfect cookies, cakes, and other delicious baked goods for years to come. Our Lifetime Guarantee means you'll be passing it on for generations, along with family recipes. So create warm memories that last a lifetime by sifting flour the old-fashioned way, and soon you'll be part of the Jacob Bromwell� of the oldest traditions in America. Why buy a knock off when you can have the real thing?
Price: 124.99

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