All Naturally Colored Luxury Alpaca Blankets from Ecuador
In May 2013 PurelyAlpaca undertook an Adventure Research trip through the highlands of the small country of Ecuador. Our goal was to seek out alpaca farms, alpaca manufacturers and of course ALPACAS! As a result of that research, a new shopping category,  Ecuador Alpaca is open.

The wonderful colors and textures, vivid landscapes and long standing traditions of Ecuador are shown via the link below. We specifically sought out the small but long standing alpaca culture in the mountainous highlands. Waning in years past, Ecuador is currently experiencing a reawakening on many levels. In our travels we met many "Ex-patriot" Americans helping in the resurgence of alpacas in Ecuador. The story below is of one enterprising couple, their dream and their product.

See more of the Ecuadorian country side from an "Alpaca research" perspective via our gallery of photos from the May 2013 road trip:

Ecuador Alpaca Research Trip

These natural alpaca blankets have been produced under the guidance of Patricia Espadero, DVM and Stu White and All Things Alpaca Ecuador. Stu is an active American professor in Vermont who lives in Ecuador outside of the beautiful city of Cuenca with Patricia and their three children. One of the many things Stu does with alpacas includes bringing groups of American students to Ecuador to explore animal husbandry and sustainability for college credit. Involved in Ecuador since the early 80's, Stu has been instrumental in the resurgence of alpaca farming in this small country. His focus has always been on herd quality, herd health, sustainable farm practices and fair trade business opportunity for native Ecuadorians.

Patricia is an Ecuadorian Veterinarian who also operates the Marzar Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador. The Mazar Wildlife Reserve (MWR) is a 4400 acre private conservation initiative which protects wild habitats in an ecological restoration in the heart of a true Andean biodiversity hotspot. The native forests and grasslands are home to the Andean mountain bear, mountain lions, the spotted forest cat (oncilla), brocket deer, 160 species of birds and other priceless animals. New species of frogs have been discovered on the MWR.


The exquisite yarn for the blankets is produced in a family-business spinning factory in Guano, Ecuador, a town in the shadows of Chimborazo volcano in the central Ecuadorian Andes. Sales of products such as these blankets generate funds to maintain the Mazar Reserve as well as expand the development of markets for the local indigenous alpaca farming, knitting and milling operations in Ecuador.

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Materials: 80% Non-Dyed naturally colored Alpaca from the Cordillera Real of Ecuador alpaca farm and 20% Ecuadorian wool.

Colors: Colors are completely natural.
Each blanket is two-sided. Colors are listed a [top color/bottom color].
The bottom color in each color combination is brushed for a softer, fluffier feel.

Care: Dry clean

Size: 70" X 86". These alpaca blankets work as a 'queen mattress size' or 'twin blanket size'.
They work perfectly laid sideways--across a queen sized bed-- with 4" on either side or are attractive and functional for king beds laid across in that manner.

These blankets are heavier than others we have carried at 6 lbs each. They offer a nice comfortable weight to winter bedding and the warmth component is phenomenal! They are a quality item, tightly woven. solid and made to last.

Looking for an alpaca heirloom with outstanding qualities in and about? Here it is!

Price: 259.00

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