Go Berkey Filter: Portable Water Filter & Berkey Water Bottle

Go Berkey: Portable Berkey Water Filter

Go Berkey water Filter Sport water bottle

The Go Berkey Filter Kit is constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel. The system comes complete with a 1-quart portable water filter (1 purification element), 1 generic Sport Berkey water filter bottle and a vinyl carrying case. The portable water filtration system has a storage capacity of about 1 quart (.95 liters) and when in use it stands 14” in height with a diameter of 4”. The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 10” in height and weighs a mere 2.4 pounds. Comes complete with one Black Berkey filter element and carry case.



The Go Berkey Water Filter Kit will not work with the PF-2 fluoride filter

Price: 150.00

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