King Solomon Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain (Gold)
Solomon , King of Israel King Solomon was the second son of Uria's wife , Bathsheba, whom his father, King David , had married after orchestrating his death. King Solomon reigned in Israel between 970 and 931 B.C.E. and was known and respected as a wise , fair and powerful king. King Solomon raised the Israelite monarchy to the maximum grade of prosperity. King Solomon built the Jerusalem Temple , and a wall around the city as well as cultivated the sciences and the arts.It is told in history that there was a case in which two women were fighting for a child and King Solomon , in order to find out which one was telling the truth , King Solomon gave his sword to a soldier and ordered him to split the baby in two , giving one half to each of the women. The real mother begged the king not to kill the child and to give him to the other woman. In this way , King Solomon knew inmediately which one was lying , showing great wisdom and fairness. The Sword of King Solomon pays tribute to this biblical kings's great spirituality and wisdom. The 47-inch sword has a 24K Gold plated hilt , handle and pommel that are wrapped in fine leather and accented with Silver plated medallions. The images on the sword include the Star of David , Lions of Judea and the Ark of the Covenant. The tempered stainless steel blade also has 24K Gold etched imagery that makes this piece a precious display of faith and heritage. This is a high quality product made in Toledo Spain by Marto, which you can proudly display.
Price: 475.99

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