OOAK Artisan Alpaca Bear

Yes, that is the correct price!

These One of A Kind (OOAK) artisan creations sell for upwards of $1700 when purchased on collector sites. Ebay sells these bears for $500 to $700 or more!

Meet Dina Krieg. Dina is a fiber artist with years of experience practicing her art in the Pacific Northwest. Dina works on one bear at a time for a few weeks each. Each bear is an individual work of art. She never makes the same bear twice and generally makes what she likes, not taking orders. Still, she is never lacking for buyers of her bears.

Alpaca "Fur" Material

Besides the artistic beauty of these bears one of the more striking aspects is that these "Fur" bears are not made from pelts! The material is an alpaca woven "fur" which is lush, dense and not made from pelts. The alpaca fur material is quite expensive, made in Germany from top quality baby alpaca fiber. There is a 5/8" length to to the fur itself on the bear.

Dina hand dyes the fur to create the desired color. It is an extensive process, but well worth the effort. Often the color is smoothly gradated as shown in some of the pictures here. The pads on the feet and hands are made of Ultrasuede. The bears are about 16" tall.

Christmas Special! Order your bear now. Dina will have one ready for you BEFORE Christmas. Only 1 available so 1st come...

Though Dina has never had this occur, anything PurelyAlpaca offers is fully refundable.

Price: 495.00

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