Primus Wind Power Air Breeze Marine Wind Turbine For Boats
Not having enough power on your boat is a thing of the past with the Air Breeze Small Marine Wind Turbine for Boats. Today?s newer boats and sailboats have lots of sophisticated electronics and gadgets that are very power hungry and most boats can?t rely on dirty fuel or costly solar array setups alone, well with this small wind turbine for your boat you can have limitless energy for free! The Air Breeze marine wind turbine is made of strong power coated aluminum to resist the harsh sea environment and the turbine blades are injection molded for added strength and durability. Tough body construction is only half of it, as the marine wind turbine comes with an integrated charge controller that software managed to regulate the electrical current to your boats battery pack to insure it is never over charged and this greatly improves battery life. The Air Breeze wind turbine for boats is the perfect power solution to any boat as it even works at night or a cloudy day, as long as the wind is blowing! Get one today so you can have clean and renewable power where ever the wind takes you.
Price: 1259.99

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