Roman Julius Ceasar Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
Julius Caesar (101 BC - 44 BC) was the greatest military and political leader of ancient Rome. During his lifetime the frontiers of the Roman Empire were pushed forward and secured. Rome was transformed from a republic into a government with a single ruler, and Caesar was its first dictator. Julius Caesar wrote some the finest workds of history in Latin describing the campaigns he fought in Gaul and elsewhere. Julius Caesar was an architect, a mathematician and one of the ancient's world orators.There is no doubt that Caesar was ambitous and that he enjoyed the great power placed in his hands. This was given as one of the reasons for his murder at the hands of Brutus and Cassius.The Roman Julius Ceasar Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is a Roman Gladius sword of the Mainz type, used between the 2nd century b.C. and the 1st century A.D. This one, particularly ornated, replicate sword could really have belonged to a very important person like the great Julius Caesar. The typical shaped steel blade has gold decorations along its middle line. The brass plated cast metal is ornated with figures sculpted in relief, whilst the handgrip is in anatomically worked wood.
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