Templar Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto of Toledo Spain
The Templars: Monks - Soldiers: Guardians of the Faith, Guardians of the Holy Land, and Guardians of the Pilgrims. The Templar order, of religious and military character, was founded in Jerusalem in the year 1118 by nine crusader knights. with the official denomination of "Order of the Poor Knight of Christ". Later they were known by the "Knight of Solomon's Temple" (Templar) denomination after establishing themselves in King Solomon's ancient temple. The Pope Inocencio II recognized the order of the Templar in the year 1139.All cotton made clothing, composed of a white colored tunic and cloak, both provided with a sewn red Templar cross. Typical dress of a knight of the Templar order (1118-1314). Large size. accessories not included.
Price: 382.99

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