Whirlpool 7.3 cu. ft. Duet Steam Dryer with Wrinkle Shield Plus Option with Steam
Help prevent damage caused by overdrying and reduce wrinkles with the 7.3 cu. ft. Duet® dryer. The Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with steam intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. Reduce overdrying with Advanced Moisture Sensing which uses three sensors to read incoming and outgoing air temperatures while monitoring moisture levels inside the dryer so the cycle ends when everything is perfectly dry. For even more efficient drying four shorter staggered baffles increase the effectiveness of the dryer for small loads and promote more balanced tumbling. And it's easy to start drying faster with Tap Touch controls with Memory which allow direct access to dryer functions and even remember your last cycle and settings for a quick touch start.
Price: 599.00

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