ZERO AIR II - 28" Lightweight Luggage
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product developers, using the most advanced technologies available, created the new cases with the lightweight demands of today's traveler in mind. New features including a magnesium handle system, pop-up TSA combination lock, and a removable mesh panel divider help to create the ultimate travel system.The distinguished new shape was achieved by using the geometric X-Rib pattern which helps to decrease weight and enhance material strength. All parts, including the swivel casters and heat-stamped nylon lining have been custom designed for the launch of this new collection.The Zero Air II Collection is the result of the design team's relentless pursuit of the highest levels of luggage performance. Zero Halliburton's philosophy has always been guided by attention to detail, toughness and durability.Zero Air II is the embodiment of that philosophy. The Zero Air II 28" Travel Case features the perfect combination of minimum weight and maximum durability. Travelers will experience a silent and effortless wheel system and an organized, lined interior. The 28" size has a large capacity for extended trips. // 5 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
Price: 550.00

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